9 Ways Coupa Can Supercharge Your ERP

We live in exciting times, with business moving faster than ever before. Business models are changing on a dime, and digital disruption is only increasing. The phrase, “business-as-usual” is a thing of the past. In order to survive—and thrive—you need not only speed, but visibility, agility, and real-time intelligence. Without them, you risk extinction.

Your ERP is the undisputed financial backbone of your organization, bringing together a multitude of departments, divisions, and locations. But this software alone is not enough. ERPs are increasingly struggling to keep up with the pace of change, and this is especially true when it comes to managing spend.

So as your company’s requirements evolve, you need technology that adds real, measurable value by extending your ERP. You need a solution that adds value to the investment you made in your core ERP on a minute-by-minute, user-by-user basis.

Adding Coupa to your ERP is the fastest, easiest way to unleash business value. Coupa integrates seamlessly with NetSuite to unify business spend and increase visibility, efficiency, and control. Here are nine ways that Coupa complements and supercharges your NetSuite ERP.


Imagine being able to see every dollar spent within your organization, giving you the power to make better, more informed decisions on the fly. Imagine having the power to see how every employee in every region on every mobile device is spending money to perform their job. With Coupa’s seamless data flow across your entire organization, that power is yours. You achieve more timely, accurate and transparent reporting in real-time that lets you better manage spend and increase control.

Visibility through Coupa gives you the power of omniscience. Close your books faster, rein in and dial down out-of-control spending, and find new opportunities to save.

Digitized Business

When Coupa helps digitize your business, it not only transforms paper into electronic data, but it also supports process involvements, whether it’s spending, invoices, or expense reports. The lag times and cumbersome approval processes of paper become history. You’ll see immediate gains in efficiency and savings. Coupa’s proven ease of use coupled with flexible options for suppliers to go digital across the procure-to-pay spectrum leads to faster and higher supplier adoption rates, allowing you to gain greater value from your ERP investment.

Plus, when you send paper processes packing, it’s easier to scale your business seamlessly as you grow.

Built-in Compliance

How confident are you in your compliance? Ever-changing rules, regulations, and laws make it increasingly difficult to keep up. It’s especially difficult to keep up in an environment where there is a single controls problem or a slip-up with a risky supplier. Either situation can cost you dearly.

Coupa takes the weight off your shoulders with built-in compliance with financial regulations, tax laws, and electronic invoicing requirements. By separating purchasing and approval, you get an added layer of security to prevent rogue spending.

Real-time Agility

In today’s fast-paced global market, agility is crucial to success. You need to give business managers the ability to see, think, draw conclusions, and respond quickly.

But legacy ERPs move slowly and resist change. This is another area where Coupa can help. Just adding Coupa adds instant acuity and actionable intelligence to your ERP and your whole business.

With Coupa’s unified spend management platform, you can change on a dime, speeding innovation. As economic pressures change, your business, your team, and your processes can roll with the punches and stay competitive.

Coupa recognizes that business leaders today need to act, adjust, and adapt to the trends and changes in their departments, regions, and divisions, all the while working seamlessly with IT and Finance. With real-time business user configuration and control, the business at hand stays agile while IT, Finance, and ERP systems keep in sync.

Adoption by All

ERPs don’t have the best reputation for user experience, but Coupa is super user-friendly and so easy to use that you can get started with very little training.

The intuitive interface works exactly how you expect it to, delivering what we call “walk-up adoption.” Therefore, you can watch your adoption rates soar from day one.

Mobile Everywhere

We live in a mobile world. If you’re not giving your users a mobile solution, you’re slowing them down. Coupa is 100% mobile, allowing your users to access Coupa from any device, any browser, anywhere, anytime.

By giving every employee, manager, and supplier the power to order, approve, and invoice whenever and wherever they are, you’re giving your business the ability to keep up and stay ahead.

Hyper-connected Network

By connecting you seamlessly with existing and new trading partners, Coupa makes it easy to collaborate and build better business-to-business relationships.

Easy invoicing and faster payments keep your suppliers happy. Plus, automation lightens the load on your team by boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Since Coupa has no supplier fees, no additional software, and no hassle, it’s easy to bring your existing suppliers on board. All they need to get started is an email address.

Fast Deployment

With Coupa, change is easy and fast. Coupa’s 100% cloud-based platform lets you go live quickly with minimal IT input. Even if you’re using multiple ERPs, Coupa’s connectors make it easy to bring everything together. With many ways to integrate, including open APIs, flat files, and pre-built connectors, you can mix and match methods to suit your unique needs.

Supercharged Spending

With Coupa and NetSuite, you can turn every dollar into a superdollar by adding value to every cent you spend. First, there’s visibility. Every dollar you spend adds to the bigger picture, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat. Then, built-in compliance greatly reduces risk and the time spent managing it since it’s already taken care of.

Finally, Coupa provides an end-to-end source-to-pay process, including catalog management, invoicing, and a leading supplier network that pulls it all together, allowing you to increase efficiency and approve requests before orders are made, not after.

When every dollar you spend goes through Coupa, your NetSuite ERP gets faster, stronger, and better. With your supercharged ERP, your business will have the ability and agility to leap ahead of the competition. Are you ready to supercharge NetSuite with Coupa? Contact us at any time!

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