5-Step Plan to Prepare for a Salesforce Implementation

Once you have purchased Salesforce, it’s time to make it custom to your business. Here is a quick Salesforce implementation prep plan on the things you should consider to prepare yourself, your admin, and your team.

Gather your team.

Who will be your project manager? Admin? Should you get marketing involved? If you’re doing a custom integration you may need IT too. Be sure to communicate early to your team members and set expectations from the beginning.

Begin documenting your processes.

Take some time to think through your day to day tasks. Reach out to each department and ask them also. Then, work together to document these processes. Here is a great graphic from Creately to reference:salesforce implementation prep

Develop a Communication Plan.

Change is a big deal. Implementations can quickly go down hill if there is not clear communication from the start of a project. Let your company know that you will be implementing Salesforce. Then, develop a plan to communicate prototype meetings, training dates, and your Go Live timeline. Be sure to keep this up even after you have launched Salesforce. It will come in hand for releases, updates, and future projects.

Set Realistic Goals.

Build a plan that is effective and achievable. Don’t stress your team out by setting dates no one will be able to hit. Discuss the plan and goals with each member and decide if these goals are realistic. If they aren’t find a solution. Do you need to bring in more resources? Can you push the product launch date? Work with your Sikich Project Manager to help you on this!

Get to Know Your Data.

You will hear this a lot as you start to use Salesforce. When you are preparing to load your new data from your old system, whether it’s a CRM, spreadsheets, Outlook contacts, be sure that it is accurate and free of errors. Salesforce requires Contacts to have a Last Name. Additionally, Pardot requires Contacts/Leads to have a last name and an email address. Read the blog we wrote about Data Cleansing Best Practices!

Have any questions about Salesforce implementation? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at any time!

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