5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Dynamics Partner

When you sign on with a Dynamics 365 partner, you aren’t only asking for assistance with installing the Microsoft Dynamics system. You’re needing someone to tailor your install specifically for your company’s needs. A quality Dynamics partner knows your long-term plans and business strategies. They understand how your company operates and are committed to its success. After a successful install, the partner should additionally provide a direct line to consultants for continued IT support. A quality Dynamics partner will stick with you (like, well, a partner) throughout your solution ownership, including checking in on upgrades, other products to help your business, general help with Dynamics ERP, etc.

Essentially, when seeking a Dynamics partner, you’re going to want a partner who has the following:

  • Ability to build tailored implementations, including the ability to upscale or downscale your configuration at any time;
  • Dynamics ERP AND Microsoft products expertise; and
  • Excellent customer service, including beck-and-call availability and continued support.

A Dynamics partner may be fantastic in the beginning, but over time, they may no longer fit what you need. Here are five signs that it’s time to find a new Dynamics partner.

Poor Communication

Are you having issues getting your current partner to return messages, no matter if they’re via email or phone? Are you getting the run around on quotes? If your current Dynamics partner doesn’t offer the common courtesy of responding quickly or even at all, it’s definitely time to seek assistance elsewhere. Forget if you might have any of the other four signs below.

Communication is of the most importance when it comes to partners. Your business needs, and deserves, a partner that literally serves at your beck and call. Any questions you have, no matter how minute they seem to be, should receive responses in a timely manner.

Generally Bad at General Help

Most companies have experienced the pleasure of working with bad IT departments. It doesn’t matter if their help solutions are bad or if they’re bad at implementing the correct solution, because you know you would fire them anyway. The same goes for your Dynamics partner.

Can’t Handle Scaling Up for Business Growth

Business growth is usually a company’s top priority. If your software partner can’t scale your Dynamics system to meet your surge in growth, that’s a clear sign they are not the Dynamics experts they claim to be. You need a partner that is more than a “one-and-done” configuration operator.

And along those lines…

Can’t Handle Installs or Upgrades Across Product Lines

Dynamics ERP solutions have the potential as well as the capability to stretch all across various Microsoft products. These include, but most certainly are not limited to, Outlook, Office, Flow, Logic Apps, and Azure. If you commit to Dynamics solutions as your ERP of choice, you essentially commit to Microsoft’s whole shebang. If your current Dynamics partner can’t install products with Dynamics 365 in mind or upgrade products to work with Dynamics 365, they’re hindering your growth.

Doesn’t Have a Digital Transformation Vision

As previously mentioned, a quality Dynamics partner must have a vision and a strategy for your business. It’s very important for your partner to understand your business and your business’ future to the point that they can formulate a unique digital vision for your company. You do not want, and you do not deserve a one-size-fits all install and vision.

Why Choose Sikich as Your Dynamics ERP Partner

You’ve probably guessed by now that Sikich ticks off all the boxes for a great Dynamics partner. We have so many consultants with various areas of expertise (GP, NAV, AX, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations), we pride ourselves on establishing a tailored digital vision uniquely for your company. We can most certainly upscale or even downscale your install to meet your business growth. To top it all off, we have a very high customer satisfaction rating when it comes to our communication, installation process, and tech support. Contact us today and see how we can revolutionize Dynamics ERP for your business!

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