2019 is Here – Is Your HR Team Ready?

As you prepare to take on the new calendar year, it’s time once again to review your Human Resources (HR) checklist. In a continued effort to keep our valued Clients updated on both compliance-related and best practice topics, we put together this HR Checklist to guide you in your efforts to remain compliant and implement best practices in 2019.

Compliance Checklist

□ Update workplace posters: Workplace posters may change to reflect new laws, regulations or contact information for a government agency. For 2019 specifically, many states and local jurisdictions have new minimum wage rates and other policy changes that will be noted on new posters. Check that you have updated all required employment posters, and that they are placed in highly visible or high-traffic locations.

□ Update state and federal forms: This includes Form W-4 and Form I-9.

□ Conduct a Form I-9 audit: Review I-9 forms to ensure each employee’s form is complete and accurate; compare these to a list of current employees to confirm there is an I-9 form on file for each employee.

□ Audit employee files: Make sure your employee files are finalized and include all the documents necessary to complete the file. Do not include documents that are considered unfinished, problematic, or outdated.

□ Review record retention policy: Double check that your records are in order and that your policy is up-to-date.

□ Distribute annual notices: Certain states require employers to provide annual notices to their employees covering various relevant topics. For example, some states mandate that employers must distribute a notice concerning the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) on an annual basis.

□ Maintain Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) logs

□ Federal contractors: Federal contractors or subcontractors should schedule an affirmative action audit to ensure compliance.

□ Conduct an HR compliance audit review: This will help you reduce or eliminate any potential liability or exposure and provide you with the comfort and assurance that you are following all the employment regulations that cover you.

HR Best Practices Checklist

□ Create and communicate the 2019 holiday & payroll calendars

□ Update company organization chart

□ Create and communicate 2019 training schedule and expectations

  • Note any required trainings (such as special licensing and certifications) that are needed for specific positions within the company.
  • Schedule company-wide training on harassment, respect, bullying in the workplace, retaliation, and discrimination.
  • Identify and schedule management training.

□ Update job descriptions: Review and update job descriptions to ensure they accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities of the positions in your company. Confirm that you have detailed descriptions.

□ Update employee handbook: Review and update all policy changes as required at the local, state and federal levels, including incorporating any in-house changes that were adopted since the last update. Distribute and obtain signed handbook acknowledgment forms from each employee.

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