HCM Technology

HCM Technology

Selecting and running an effective Human Capital Management (HCM) technology solution is a daunting task exacerbated by the multitude of vendor choices, the complexity of organizational structures, the size of your budget, integration with other enterprise systems, regulatory requirements, payroll compliance and all the resources necessary to efficiently manage employee information.  

Optimize your HR Functions

  • Assessment & Planning: There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to Human Capital Management. Your business and how it’s organized is just as unique as your team, which is why a complete analysis of your organization helps highlight what’s working and what could use improving.
  • Evaluation & Selection: The multitude of options and decisions can be daunting when it comes to vendor selection. Our proven approach will help streamline your evaluation process and make a well informed decision aligned to your business goals.
  • Implementation & Organization: Implementing a new solution can be a complex and challenging task. Our experienced implementation experts can help you successfully avoid the potential pitfalls of HCM projects and deliver business results.

Connect your workforce with your workflow for a strategy that helps to seamlessly meet your business objectives.

HCM is considered a central part of every organization that values its employees. Our areas of expertise include planning, evaluation, selection, implementation, staffing, management and compliance.

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Selecting, implementing, and managing an efficient and effective HCM technology solution can quickly become a daunting task, worsened by the multitude of vendor choices, the size of your budget, regulatory requirements, and all the resources necessary to effectively manage your employee information.

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Payroll is continuously changing: from compliance issues, managing data, and related policies to internal and external processes, collective bargaining agreements, and unique payment arrangements. There are thousands of payroll tax jurisdictions in the U.S. alone, and you may find it challenging to keep up with the changes.

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Because your organization is distinct, so are your needs. It’s important to the success of your organization that your HR goals align with your business strategy. This will not only strengthen your internal HR processes—from strategy and planning to workforce compliance and talent acquisition—but your company as a whole.

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Providing a continuum of support in addressing violence prevention across the full and changing spectrum of behavioral risks.

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Our clients turn to us because our Human Capital Management & Payroll consultants are uniquely qualified to provide you with custom solutions to meet your unique needs. If you’re ready to define your future success with the help of Sikich, check out how we’ve helped clients just like you achieve their long-term, strategic goals.

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Are you satisfied with your current HCM and Payroll solution?
Do you need help building a business case for an investment in HCM?
Are you overwhelmed with the myriad of possible HCM solutions?
Are you wary of how you will navigate the sales process and solution demonstrations so that you can make a sound decision on a HCM solution?
Are you concerned about the resources needed to dedicate to a 6-12 month implementation project while maintaining your current level of HR and Payroll services?
Have you recently implemented an HCM or Payroll solution but you are not getting the business results you expected?

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We help clients just like you achieve their long-term, strategic goals. View more of our case studies to learn how.