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Government & School Districts

Address misconduct or malfeasance with investigative experts who are trained and experienced in handling highly sensitive issues.

Specialized Support for Local Governments and Schools

The highly trained, respected and independent professionals at Sikich understand the needs of local government and can provide you with an alternative to a full-time oversight department with a wide range of Inspector General services. All governmental agencies, regardless of size, confront issues of malfeasance, waste and inefficiency. When misconduct or malfeasance occurs or is suspected, Sikich can respond with a team of fraud examiners, investigators, forensic accountants, HR professionals and forensic technology experts who are trained and experienced in handling highly sensitive issues.

Investigation Services for Governments and School Districts

Fraud Services for Governments

Providing the insight and services needed to help your organization reduce the risk of fraud, respond to fraud allegations and professionally handle the incidents you face.

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Inspector General & Internal Investigations

Helping you to enhance your agency’s response to allegations of waste, fraud, financial mismanagement and employee misconduct.

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School District Fraud

Providing expertise in school district fraud investigations, audits, risk assessment, internal controls, forensic accounting, IT security and compliance.

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