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Family Law Services

Sikich delivers a broad range of pre-marital, trial and post-divorce services required to address all aspects of matrimonial planning and dissolution including valuation advisory, forensic accounting, tax consulting, financial planning and expert testimony.

Services for All Aspects of Family Law

There are several factors to consider during a marital dissolution, including valuation issues (business, asset and property), your personal balance sheet (financial condition) and a lifestyle analysis (confirm spending and post-divorce financial picture). An analysis of your accounting, financial and tax records is a strategic step in this process as you work with outside counsel.

A Transparent Approach During a Marital Dissolution

  • Valuation of business and business interests including personal goodwill
  • Valuation of stock options, securities and other non-marketable assets
  • Preparation of the marital balance sheet
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Tracing and analysis of pre and post-marital assets, including dissipation of assets and unreported income
  • Determination of income available for support and maintenance
  • Review and consultation on proposed financial settlements
  • Lifestyle analysis and cash flow projection
  • Post-divorce tax preparation and planning
  • Cost basis and embedded gain analysis
  • Pre-settlement tax strategies
  • Investment management and suitable asset allocations
  • Life insurance review, modification and procurement

*Investment advisory services offered through Sikich Financial, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.  

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