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Sikich is a global company specializing in technology-enabled professional services. Now with more than 1,900 employees, Sikich draws on a diverse portfolio of technology solutions to deliver transformative digital strategies and ranks as one of the largest CPA firms in the United States. From corporations and not-for-profits to state and local governments and federal agencies, Sikich clients utilize a broad spectrum of services and products to help them improve performance and achieve long-term, strategic goals.

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Sikich Scholars Program
Sikich Scholars is the company’s established internship program. Sikich provides various opportunities for college students and recent graduates who are looking to learn and grow through real-life experiences in the workplace.

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Scholars will be onboarded together during New Hire Orientation (NHO), taking place at the beginning of January and the middle of May each year. NHO will provide students the information necessary to effectively participate in their internships – sessions on time entry, Sikich firm overviews, IT information sessions and much more.


Scholars will remain engaged and involved through their entire duration with the firm, starting with NHO and moving into their engagement and project work at the firm. The goal is for the Scholars to feel connected to the firm and involved, whether in-office or virtual.


Throughout their internships, Scholars will be aware and focused on their performance within each engagement and project they are a part of. Managers will be actively involved, providing support, feedback, and guidance for Scholars on a regular basis.


Sikich’s internship program has always focused on personal and professional development in all facets. We focus on development by utilizing our Buddy Program for new interns (and new staff). Buddies will have the opportunity to connect with the Campus team to discuss ways to stay engaged, as well as ask questions throughout their buddy’s time at the firm. Scholars want to be provided more informat


Scholars will hone into the firm’s ties to the community in which we serve. During NHO, they will be fully immersed in understanding the FORCE (Focus on Raising Community Engagement) program, our dedication to giving back, and be provided information about opportunities to engage within communities in the future. Students also participate in a Sikich Scholars Cares initiative during their duration


Scholars will be provided several opportunities throughout their internship to be social and interact with their intern class at Sikich.

What Our Scholars Say…

“The group of interns we have this summer have been so helpful and fun to interact with; the Sikich Scholars program has done such a great job allowing us to get to know one another! I really feel like I fit in with the special culture that Sikich has created.”

Intern, Naperville

“I love being a Sikich Scholar. This was my first internship, and it has been an amazing opportunity! The major takeaway for me was how diverse Sikich is and how they show their appreciation to their employees! Here’s one of my favorite quotes “Failure is the key to SUCCESS. Each mistake teaches us something.”

Intern, Milwaukee

“It has been a pleasure interning for the Sikich Title IV Audit Team. The hybrid workplace has allowed me to work comfortably while still being held to the highest quality standard of work.The entire Sikich community has been very welcoming and is always there if you need assistance!”

Intern, Naperville

Our Mission and Vision

To inspire a group of our diverse, young professionals and equip them with knowledge, hands-on experience, and leadership characteristics, thus creating a workforce of innovative future leaders.