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Concerned that you are not getting the most out of your NetSuite Investment? Want to make sure that you are taking advantage of your current NetSuite Implementation and the future semi-annual NetSuite Releases? If you are like many, you may be tired of reading through hundreds of pages of Release Notes twice a year, just to understand how your company will be directly impacted by a service upgrade. At Sikich, we completely understand how time consuming this process can be, so we have come up with a solution to guide you and your company through each new NetSuite Release: NetSuite Release Optimization service.

Managed Services Plan

In addition to our NetSuite Managed Services Plans, Sikich has created the NetSuite Release Optimization service that will help ease your business through each release transition. With this service, a Sikich NetSuite Consultant will meet with you four times a year, before and after each NetSuite Release. During these one-on-one sessions, a NetSuite Consultant will assist with identifying what updates on the new release will directly impact your company’s account, and then will be able to provide recommendations that will help you take advantage of the new features.

Sikich’s NetSuite Consultants take a proactive approach when it comes to learning the new release features. Our Consultants are required to attend training sessions and are expected to teach the rest of the NetSuite Team key notes from each new feature during an internal review session. By doing this, we can ensure that all team members are aware and knowledgeable of the feature updates. Knowledge of the specific NetSuite Release Updates, along with familiarity with your NetSuite Environment, means that our Sikich Consultants will be more than prepared to walk you and your team through the most crucial and relevant updates for your business. Sikich’s NetSuite Release Optimization service has an annual fee and includes assistance before and after each release, including assistance in making appropriate updates to existing scripts. These script updates performed by Sikich’s Consultants will allow your existing NetSuite customizations to be compatible with the new upcoming release, making sure that there are no disruptions to your business due to the upgrade.

It’s already part of our Managed Services Plans

Our NetSuite Release Optimization is built into our existing Managed Services Plans, and to make it more accessible to our client base, it is offered as an à la carte service. Sikich has created three support resources that each offer a unique set of support services that will help your company get the most out of your current NetSuite Implementation, your Sikich Partnership, and your future business plans. Whether you are looking for support now or for a future NetSuite Release, Sikich has a plan available to meet your needs.

Have questions or want to discuss if this is the right plan for your organization? Contact your client account manager for more information. We look forward to joining your support team!

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