Overview of the Dynamics 365 Business Central Commission Management System

Many of the capabilities in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Commission Management system are delivered through configuration options. Here is a brief overview of these capabilities and their configuration.

Commissions Based on Sale or Profit

The first configuration includes the ability to base the commission on the invoice sales or profit amount. If commissions are based on profit, there is an additional option to generate automatic commission adjustments when the item cost changes.

Commissions Paid on Sale or Collections

Commission Management can also be configured to flag the commission as payable with the invoice is posted or when it’s paid by the customer. If “Commissions Payable Upon Sale” is not selected, commissions can be flagged to pay on a partial payment. Commissions will be generated based on the amount of the cash receipt until the full invoice is paid.

Split Commissions

When multiple salespeople are assigned to one customer, commissions can be split amongst them on a single invoice. The split percentage can be configured in the options.

Line Level Commissions

Calculations can be performed for specific items. Within each item, effective dates, customer job, and item category settings can be defined. For example, one saleperson can make a specific commission percentage when selling a specific item to a specific customer. You can set this by selecting “Document Line Commissions” and checking the “Manual Commissions” box. This gives us the ability to override the commission for each item on the order.

Viewing Commissions

Salespeople and sales managers alike have on-demand access to commissions directly from the salesperson card. From the card, we can see the outstanding commissions, the total commissions due to be paid, and the total commission possible for this particular salesperson.

Drilling in on any category brings up the related commission ledger entries and follows standard navigation functionality. Statistics are also provided to summarize the commission activity for the salesperson.

The video below shows all of these functions in more detail.

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