Model55 Case Study: Seamless Transition to NetSuite for Automated Workflow

Sikich recently had the opportunity to help Model55 overhaul their entire business process with NetSuite. They had outgrown their current business practice and needed a system that would consolidate what they were already using as well as grow with them in the future. The following is how Sikich was able to help.

Executive Summary

Model55 is North America’s largest model apartment provider for the senior living industry. Their goal is to make the set-up of new or existing communities as easy, convenient and hassle-free as possible. Model 55 needed a consolidated system that could handle their financials, CRM system, and have the ability to manage and control inventory.

“What was amazing with the go-live is that within two hours we were accepting payments, creating invoices, vouchering vendor bills, and everything was completely up and running before noon so it didn’t even take one day away from our business – which is crucial in our industry.” – Jill Mazzola, VP of Operations, Model55


Before working with Sikich, Model55 was running multiple business platforms. They were using QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Dropbox, which had all become inadequate to handle their expanding needs, especially in regards to inventory management and reporting.

They were utilizing a completely manual method for the process of order request, to design, to fulfillment, to shipping, and finally, to invoicing. This cumbersome and unreliable process could easily cause delays if, for example, the notice wasn’t delivered to the next person in the process right away. It was apparent that Interim Furnishings/Model55 needed to automate workflows.

Not only were they using multiple systems to function on a daily basis, but all of these systems were becoming outdated for the direction the business was moving toward. They were growing at a tremendous rate and these systems just couldn’t catch up. Model55 needed an integrated solution built to help them in their current state and evolve as they grow.

  • Multiple business platforms
  • Outdated systems with low capacity
  • Manual methods

“It was an experience that, at times is so intense with the learning, information and creation processes, yet Sikich made it such a team effort that we became like co-workers instead of us being a customer.” – Jill Mazzola, VP of Operations, Interim Furnishings

How Sikich Helped

After conducting a thorough assessment of the Model55 business and goals, observing the daily routines and workflows using their current systems, and listening to the improvements they required from a new system, the Sikich team started working on a plan to streamline and simplify the entire process from beginning to end.

Sikich implemented the NetSuite system in order to meet all of Model55’s immediate and future needs. The once cumbersome process of order request, to design, to fulfillment, to shipping, to invoicing, became a breeze. The level of information that employees receive now, in real time, has significantly reduced the amount of time that employee resources spent calling, emailing, attending meetings, and running back and forth.

Model55 is not a typical assembly and manufacturing company. When a customer places an order, there is an element of custom design phase before the order is fulfilled. NetSuite provided the ability to manage each customized request from a customer and move it through to the departments it needed to go to, in order and completely automated.

  • Streamlined and simplified the process
  • Increased productivity
  • Integrated a custom capability

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

Model55 went into this implementation with a goal to make this an easy, streamlined transition. Their team was just as dedicated as Sikich’s implementation team to make the change, which made it easier for both teams to collaborate and get the best results possible.

After using NetSuite for just a few hours they already noticed a difference. The most extensive ROI they have realized since implementation is the commodity of time. Model55 was able to decrease the time between order request and invoicing by 10 days utilizing the new workflows and automated processes. In addition, they captured a 15 percent reduction in inventory.

“The difference with Sikich is that they shared their knowledge with me and made sure I understood ‘why’ and ‘how’ – this empowered me to troubleshoot and not need to be constantly dependent on them in the future.” – Jill Mazzola, VP of Operations, Model55

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