Make Searching and Reporting Easier by Leveraging SuiteAnalytics

For NetSuite users, maximizing the potential and efficiencies of the platform can be a real time saver. SuiteAnalytics reporting capabilities can help you leverage and gain efficiencies within NetSuite, thereby maximizing its potential. Here are some ways how.

SuiteAnalytics is a set of tools within NetSuite that allows you to perform advanced reporting and data analysis. Below are a few of the features SuiteAnalytics offers. The SuiteAnalytics offerings are more robust than the native NetSuite counterparts.

  1. Saved Searches
  2. Reports
  3. Key Performance Indicators
  4. Dashboards
  5. Workbooks

Today we are going to create a dataset to show you your chart of accounts with additional fields not available within a NetSuite Saved Search. To access the SuiteAnalytics tool, you navigate to Analytics on the NetSuite ribbon. This will bring you to the SuiteAnalytics homepage where you can access different preconfigured workbook templates. From this screen you can also switch to view Datasets, which will list preconfigured datasets you can start with and customize further.

Chart of Accounts Dataset Steps

  1. From the Datasets tab select “New Dataset”
  2. Select the Record Type “Account”
  3. Drag and drop the fields you would like within your Account Dataset
    • For example, you can easily see within this dataset what accounts are marked for elimination which you cannot easily access via a native NetSuite saved search.
  4. Remove fields by selecting the hamburger icon next to the column you would like to remove
  5. Drag and drop fields into the Criteria area to setup a filter on the dataset
  6. Once your dataset is complete you can do the following
    • Save this dataset for use/updating later
    • Export this dataset to excel
    • Share the dataset with others

In conclusion, reporting is an essential part of any business. By harnessing the full potential of NetSuite’s SuiteAnalytics, your users can quickly gain insight into your business.

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