Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know

Do you seem to be forgetting the basics of Dynamics GP? Have new employees not familiar with GP? Here’s the refresher course your company has been looking for. We will go over all of the basic functions you should be using in GP, core financial modules, and of course, various Dynamics GP tips and tricks.

Logging In Dynamics GP

If you have multiple companies with Dynamics GP, you don’t have to log out each time you want to switch companies. In the bottom left-hand corner of your GP screen, it will show your current company name. Click on that to open a new window, and from that new window, click on the drop-down menu displayed next to “Company.” Select your company and then click OK.

Switching users, such as if Help Desk needs to log in as an SA (server account) user, is also as simple to do. Click on your current user in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, next to the company name, a new window will pop up. This window is the user ID and password screen, which will allow Help Desk to log in without logging you back out.

User Preferences

The User Preferences window has several options available, but there are two default selections we urge users to change.

The first is the Entry Key preference. The default setting is to use the Tab key to move across data fields, but if you prefer to use the Enter/Return key instead, this is where you can change it.

In addition, users should click the Display button in the User Preferences window. From there, change the Required displays (there are two) to be bold and red. If you don’t do this, required items will not stand out from anything else you see in Dynamics GP.

Quick Links

Quick Links are wonderfully efficient tools that allow users to literally create a quick link to GP windows they use the most often. With Quick Links, users won’t have to move between modules to open the windows they need. All Quick Links show up on your GP home page.

GP Shortcuts

If you need to open a new application but still need to keep GP open, you can create a GP Shortcut to do so. There are a variety of Shortcut types available, including external links to websites. You can also create hotkeys to open the Shortcut.

Copy and Paste User Information for New Users

Employees are going to come and go, which is the nature of any company. Instead of creating a Dynamics GP checklist when it comes to setting up a new user, you can simply copy home page and area page settings from one user to another. Security access can also be copied to the new user, which is very useful when you’re replacing one user with a new employee.

Update an Email Address in a Transaction

If you need to change an email address in the middle of a transaction, you don’t have to save or cancel the transaction, back out, update the vendor/customer, and then come back to the transaction. GP 2016 introduced the Email Detail Entry window to the transaction windows, allowing you to make changes to this particular transaction. However, to change them permanently, you will still need to use the Customer or Vendor Email Options window to do so.

This feature is extremely helpful for those instances when a particular invoice needs to go to someone other than the usual handler.

PSTL Company Copy

Just as it’s easy to copy user info to new users, the same can be done for new company setups. With the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL), you can copy data from one company over to another. It’s also possible to copy selected data and reporting options by individual module. This feature makes it far easier to develop test companies.

Attaching Multiple Page Documents

A new feature of GP 2016 is the ability to scan directly to an attachment for an email. In addition, if you have a scanner capable of scanning multiple pages, you can scan all of the pages directly to the attachment as one document.

Price List Wizard

Need to update prices or add a new price list? GP now has a Price List Wizard to help better streamline this process. You can Add, Update, Copy, and Remove prices from the Wizard. You can also assign a specific currency to a price list.

Other Financial Features You May Not Know Are Available

Are you aware that Dynamics GP has these other little tricks up its financial sleeve?

  • Ability to adjust the unit cost of an item on a purchase receipt
  • Ability to move transactions to History or remove them from the system with Paid Transaction Removal
  • Ability to unapply transactions after Paid Transaction Removal has been run and document is in history
  • Ability to write-off accounts receivables transactions
  • Ability to create payables checks from receivables Credit balance accounts

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our Dynamics GP team. To see these Dynamics GP tips and tricks in action, as well as a few other features capabilities, check out the full webinar below.

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