Dynamics GP 18.6 Release New Features

Time flies by fast, but in the technology and software world, it seems to go by even faster! New releases, new system functionality… Keeping up with it all can be an overwhelming task to add to your normal day-to-day workload. With the help from Microsoft and our experienced Sikich Dynamics GP Consultants, we are prepared to help bring your business into the most updated version of the GP Modern Life Cycle: Dynamics GP 18.6.

Whether it is a larger version jump, such as a move from GP 2010 to GP 18.6, or a smaller move within the Modern Life Cycle, from GP 18.5 to GP 18.6, our team has had hands on experience through them all and is ready to make the upgrade process as seamless as possible for you.

Our GP Resources are here to take the pressure off your teams, allowing them more time to focus on their priority tasks, while we work to get your system up and running on the latest and greatest functionality.

In addition to a system refresh and a new modern look, you will also have the opportunity to explore over 40 new features, as well as the chance to take advantage of Workflow Automation, and even receive better security and support. As Microsoft prepares for each year’s new feature releases, they review feedback submitted from existing customers and use that as a driving force into making meaningful changes to their platform.

New Dynamics GP Features in 18.6

Here are some of the top Application changes requested and voted on by customers like you, that you can look forward to seeing when you upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.6 (available this October 2023):

  • Financial Summary Inquiry
    • Addition of a Redisplay Button
      Redisplay button in GP
  • Reverse Fiscal Year End Close by Company
    • You will no longer need to have all users logged out of all companies. Instead, you will need to have all users out of the company you are in to reverse Fiscal Year End Close for that company only.
  • Customer Statements
    • Will display open items only
      new customer statements option
  • Additional enhancements to the Print and Email Cash Receipts feature from 18.5
    • You are now able to select Cash Receipts from the Mass Customer E-mail setting window.
      cash receipts option
  • Email/Reprint Vendor Remittance with Message Fields
    • Customized fields will now be included when you email or reprint remittance from the Inquiry window.
  • Print Sales Order Processing
    • Blank picking ticket template
  • Set Unit of Measure from the PO Requisition to the Purchase Order
    • You will now have the option to choose the Unit of Measure in the Requisition Setup Window.
  • Letter Writing Assistant Final Notice on Collection Letters
    • You can now modify Collection Letter notices, including the addition of invoice details.
      modify Collection Letter notices
  • Format Workflow emails with item decimals
    • With this update, the default decimal places from the Workflow feature will now reflect 2 decimal places instead of 5 decimal places.
      format workflow emails with item decimals
  • Project Time and Expense Workflow My Expenses/ Delegates Navigation List
    • The addition of 2 new Navigation Lists: My Expenses and My Team Expenses.
  • Project Time and Expense Workflow my Timesheets Navigation List
    • This specific list has been added to easily display your Timesheets, any Timesheets you have submitted on behalf of others, and any that are awaiting your approval.
  • Payroll Year-End Wage Report Formatting
    • With this update, your Year End Wage Report will now include commas, making it easier to read wages, taxes, etc.
  • Letter Writing Assistant Expiring Test in Human Resources
    Letter Writing in Human Resources

What other changes would you like to see in the next release? Here is a link to Microsoft’s Suggestion Database where you can share feedback and vote on future features and functionality:

Not sure if it is the right time to upgrade?

One thing to keep in mind is that the longer you wait to upgrade, the harder it may be in the future to make this change.

As you consider your company’s next ERP move, whether it involves upgrading to Dynamics GP 18.6, or even moving from on-premises to Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sikich is here to provide support. We have certified Solution Experts and Consultants available that can assist with the ERP evaluation process to ensure that you are cloud-ready and up to date on the most updated functionality that Microsoft has to offer.

Reach out to our experts at any time regarding your Dynamics GP upgrade!

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