Dynamics 365 Success Story: Adamas Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Adamas Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses upon the central nervous system (CNS). They have focused their main product on levodopa-induced dyskinesia. They currently have a drug under FDA’s approval process, and they hope it will go to market within the year.

The company originally used Quickbooks for their accounting and operations, but they knew they wanted a new ERP system.

When we thought about our five-year time horizon, we were focused on the company that we thought Adamas was going to be in that time horizon and really looked at it from that plan. When we did that, three things really came to the top. One, we wanted a cloud-based which is really consistent with how we look at all of our IT solutions. Second, we were very focused on having a manufacturing module that had robust capabilities to support a commercial organization such as ours. And then third, we were looking for something that was scalable. At the time we implemented the system, [we had] 75 people, but [we] certainly have plans to be much larger in the very near term.

So we wanted a system that would be able to scale with us at an appropriate cost of ownership for the size of company we are today, and something that had capabilities that were simple to maintain and operate now, but yet had the flexibility to come up with more sophisticated solutions as the company moved up in maturity. – Chris Prentiss, Vice President, Finance and Controller

Enter the Sikich Solution

From meeting with Adamas, we knew they wanted a new ERP system that had the following features:

  • Cloud-based system;
  • Manufacturing module; and
  • Scalable.

Our answer was Dynamics 365. Adamas thought that their business and workflow processes were fairly simple until they broke down their daily operations. They are a procure-to-pay business that is generally project-driven. They needed an ERP specifically tailored to their complex and “unique quirks.”

We spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how we wanted that [procure-to-pay process] set up in the system, and Sikich did a wonderful job really exploring the various possibilities, whiteboarding those solutions, and then helping us find the right solution within the system you know currently today is working fantastic. – Prentiss

One of the big reasons why Dynamics 365 is working so well with Adamas is because Sikich educated the users on how to use the new ERP for their specific workflow needs.

Going to the cloud, that includes a lot of education of your customer, so that’s what in many ways what Sikich did for us. They educated not just us as IT professionals but also as business users on what those new cloud systems are, what the rules are, and what the roads are. So, this is not purely implementation engagement at this point, this is more educational. – George Gindoyan, Vice President of Information Technology

Dynamics 365 Results

Fast forward nine months later, and Adamas Pharmaceuticals is still happy with their ERP choice.

We’re able to satisfy business needs at much rapid pace. Where else before we would have to have one upgrade every two years, now we can actually do it every three to six months. Therefore, business is satisfied with the functionality they give at a very rapid pace. – Gindoyan

For example, before Dynamics 365, Prentiss said the employees lived in “red folder land” when it came to simple approvals. Now, thanks to the cloud, users can approve anything from anywhere, such as purchase orders and invoices. Thus, the business is far more efficient than they were before.

Watch their success story below:

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