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The Ultimate Guide to clinical research organization Success with technology

How CROs Can Accelerate Study Start-up and Streamline Operations With Sikich’s SuiteSuccess for CROs

Discover how Sikich’s SuiteSuccess for CROs, built on NetSuite, helps Clinical and Contract Research Organizations accelerate study start-ups, streamline operations, and provide real-time, end-to-end visibility within one seamlessly integrated ecosystem.

Technology Solutions for CROs: How to Thrive Through Global Industry Change

Discover how the right technology solutions for clinical research organizations (CROs) give you the agility to turn global industry change into your competitive advantage, simplify compliance and organizational change, keep processes efficient and better manage the business as you perform your research engagements and pursue the best patient and care outcomes.

The Key to Preventing Customer Take Overs from Competitive CROs: Improved Study Execution

While the US CRO market is expected to double in size by 2027, CROs cannot sit back and expect to profit from growth. In a highly competitive industry where larger companies aim to grow their market share and fast-growing competitors threaten their dominance, preventing competitive takeovers should be high on the priority list. Since quality of service ranks high on CRO excellence criteria, improving study execution could keep their clients coming back for more.

3 Tech Challenges CROs Must Overcome to Deliver Top Quality Projects

Watch this 30-minute, on-demand webcast to discover the top technology challenges in the life sciences industry and how Clinical, and Contract Research Organizations are leveraging cloud solutions to deploy end-to-end projects and business management systems, that deliver top quality projects at a competitive price.

How CROs Can Drive a More Competitive Client Experience

Consistently providing excellent client experiences is one of the hallmarks that separate the most innovative and value-focused contract research organizations (CRO) from the rest of the field. To achieve this, you may want to modernize and simplify the technologies that help you serve clients, empower research study and project managers, and run a productive business operation.

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A Technology Foundation for Decentralized Clinical Trials and Life Sciences Operations

Today, fully 100 percent of CROs surveyed during a McKinsey Clinical Operations Roundtable expect that decentralized, virtually managed trials will be a major component of their project portfolios. However, decentralized trials are one area where CROs’ goals, capabilities, and opportunities can easily outpace their technologies.


Enabling Transformative Growth: CRO Edition

CROs are underserved by standard ERP solutions and are often challenged and limited by the choices of software tools that are available to them. Spreadsheets and entry-level business management systems can become limiting and inefficient quickly, impeding growth.


Billing Solution

Billing is always a challenge, but for contract research organizations (CROs), it’s another beast entirely. CROs need the right software solution to fit their unique needs.


5 Ways SuiteSuccess for CROs Helps Grow Your Business

Sikich SuiteSuccess for CROs does more than provide key business management tools. It can also help build the growth of your CRO business.

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Seven Transformations Powered By ERP Software Built For CROs

Whether your life sciences organization is just getting started or undergoing clinical trials, get the technology you need to plan ahead for growth.

The Ultimate Guide to Life Sciences Success

Discover how life science industry challenges are addressed with the latest solutions and best practices in this informative, complete guide.


7 Reasons CROS Should Work With Sikich And SuiteSuccess For CROS

Seven Reasons to Choose Sikich

When life sciences companies engage with Sikich to implement NetSuite and SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences, they rely on the industry and technical experience of a successful consultancy with a long list of loyal, satisfied clients.

Transformation Begins Here

With our deep understanding of the Life science domain, we can provide various software solutions for clinical research organizations.

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