Supply Chain

Find expert guidance on supply chain solutions, including distribution network design, lean manufacturing and warehouse and plant design, as well as supply chain systems design, selection and implementation with Sikich. Excel at implementing process and technology improvements in all areas of your supply chain from demand management and supplier relations to manufacturing and distribution. These solutions enable a highly responsive supply chain that will deliver breakthrough operational and financial performance to achieve your organization's most important goals and objectives.

Core Solutions

Warehousing & Distribution Services
Achieve a competitive supply chain by cutting costs and improving customer service.
Manufacturing Solutions
Become a highly responsive and demand-driven network of efficient and flexible operations with our comprehensive manufacturing services.
Supplier Management & Integration Services
Make the best decisions for your organization that will lead to the greatest cost savings through robust supplier management, communication and integration.
Demand Management
Create an integrated supply chain where sales, marketing, planning, production and distribution work together to meet demand with high service levels and low costs.
Voice-Directed Work
Sikich has partnered with Vangard Voice to make voice for the warehouse less costly, less risky and less complicated - give you the ability to add voice controls to your existing RF workflows and to develop new applications or modify existing ones.


Enabling Solutions

Supply Chain Technologies
Put the right technology in place to enable your supply chain operations and achieve your overarching business objectives.
Supply Chain Measures
Facilitate continuous improvement by focusing your organization on a set of clear, tightly integrated goals and objectives, based on “the important few” key performance indicators. 

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