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Jim leads the overall strategy and growth for Sikich's technology practice. His results-driven and multi-faceted approach is individualized for each client and seen through the lens of multiple roles within an organization. This translates into companies unlocking opportunities and bottom line growth through customized solutions by using technology.

Due to his background working in cross-functional roles like business consulting, finance, marketing, sales and technology, Jim is able to solve for problems all the way down an organization's operational chain. Clients who work with Jim see their missions and goals propelled ahead of their competition and ahead of industry curves.

Jim has been implementing ERP solutions for clients for more than a decade. Through that time, he has built a store of knowledge that helps clients avoid pitfalls well before they come into view. His experience and continued success has earned his team membership into the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle, where only 1 percent of the 5,000 Microsoft Dynamics partners globally are granted access.

  • Master's Degree in Finance, Northern Illinois University
  • Master's Degree in Business, Northern Illinois University

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