Tax Planning

Every financial transaction—whether you’re an individual or a business owner—has the potential to affect your tax strategy. And different types of taxation, from federal to state and local, can make planning and filing challenging. Though filing happens once a year, conduct analytical, in-depth reviews of your current tax strategy with a Sikich tax expert year-round. You will receive recommendations that will allow you or your company to reduce the overall tax burden and foresee a successful financial future.

Our Solutions

Federal Tax
Reduce your federal tax burden by taking full advantage of tax deductions, credits and planning strategies.
State & Local Tax
Prepare to face state and local tax challenges by working with a tax professional who monitors laws and regulations that may affect you.
International Tax Services
Explore competitive advantages for your internationally active company through well-planned, cross-border tax strategies that will positively impact your bottom line.
Personal Tax
Whether your focus in current cash-flow planning or long-term wealth accumulation, meet your objectives with a comprehensive financial plan designed for you.
Tax Representation
When a tax dispute arises, maintain your rights by working with a professional who ensures that the IRS and other state taxing authorities follow the rules and proper procedures.
Employee Benefit Compliance
Keep your organization compliant with timely tax return preparation, as well as creative ways to deal with complex tax issues or representation before the IRS and Department of Labor.

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