Managed Services

From marketing and information technology (IT) to human resources (HR) and accounting, organizations today are outsourcing a number of managed services in order to focus on core business areas. Your organization has a talent or product to share with the world, and nothing should take away from the possibilities you can offer—including assigning these managed responsibilities to internal employees who are essential to your core business. By outsourcing these responsibilities to Sikich’s professionals, you will free up resources and capital that may be better spent in another area of your organization.

Our Solutions

Outsourced Accounting
Focus on your organization’s core functions and leave the constantly changing world of accounting to experts who will get to know you. 
Managed IT
Ensure your business performance with technology that is well managed and cared for by experts. From security to complete infrastructure, managed IT offerings provide the service you need at a rate you can budget.
Outsourced Human Resources
Have peace of mind about your human resources. Free up your employees' time and leave everything HR—from recruitment to compliance—to the experts.
Outsourced Marketing
Keep your organization's mission in mind by focusing on what matters most, and outsourcing your marketing efforts.
Outsourced Corporate Development
Identify the most valuable opportunities that will contribute to the long-term growth of your business.

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