Do You Know if Your Life Insurance Policy is Over-the-Hill?

Posted in Advisory | Insurance Services | Agriculture | Business | Construction | Manufacturing & Distribution | Not-for-Profit | Oilfield Services | Real Estate | Retail on December 8, 2014

What do you know about your life insurance policy? Do you remember how long ago you purchased the policy? Do you know what kind of policy it is? Do you know how much it covers—and more importantly, if that amount is adequate? [More]

Walking the Sales & Use Tax Exemption Line

Posted in Accounting, Audit and Tax | Tax | State & Local Tax | Agriculture | Retail on November 3, 2014

Sales and use taxes often don’t receive much day-to-day attention from taxpayers. For most businesses, sales and use taxes are the charges included near the bottom of an invoice. States often provide exemptions from the tax for industries that are considered necessary or important to the state. [More]

Lessons from ERP Pros: Making Sales Tax Easy

Posted in Tax | State & Local Tax | Accounting & ERP Software | Retail | Strategic Technology on August 28, 2014

We’ve all been hearing it: States are short on revenue. Auditors are being hired en masse. Everyone is at risk. That’s all true, of course, but let’s not focus on panic and fear. Let’s focus on good business practices. [More]

Avoid Costly Surplus Inventory with POS Reporting

Posted in Supply Chain | ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Retail on March 7, 2013

Your business’s point of sale (POS) system performs a variety of important functions that go far beyond the act of processing individual sales. It tracks sales data, applies discounts and promotions, retains customer information, generates sales forecasts, and reports and manages your inventory―to name just a few. You may be surprised by the ways that you are currently under-utilizing your P... [More]

12 Questions to Get Your Content Marketing Plan Started

Posted in Marketing | Digital | Identity & Branding | Marketing Consulting | Print | Construction | Government | Healthcare | Higher Education | Outsourced Marketing | Manufacturing & Distribution | Not-for-Profit | Professional Services | Real Estate | Retail on November 26, 2012

Content marketing—it’s a newer word, but in reality, organizations have been implementing it for quite some time. Many think that content marketing means creating an eBook or guide—and while content marketing does encompass these two tactics, it’s much more. [More]

4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Invest in Content Marketing

Posted in Advisory | Marketing | Identity & Branding | Marketing Consulting | Retail on October 12, 2012

As a retailer, your focus is on selling. You set up a store, let people know you’re open for business and provide a great customer experience. Many times, you’ll talk about your products and the industry while conversing with customers in your store. Or if you’re an online retailer, you’ll offer chat boxes for those browsing or making a purchase on your site. But what about... [More]

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