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Will Your IT Infrastructure be on the Chopping Block When Ties are Severed with Windows Server 2003?

Posted in Agriculture | Construction | Government | Healthcare | Managed Services | Managed IT Services | Manufacturing & Distribution | Real Estate | Retail | Technology on December 16, 2014

On July 14, 2015, support to Windows Server 2003 will officially come to an end. If your business is still running one of these configurations, there will be an immediate and major security risk to your data. [More]

Do You Know if Your Life Insurance Policy is Over-the-Hill?

Posted in Advisory | Insurance Services | Agriculture | Business | Construction | Manufacturing & Distribution | Not-for-Profit | Oilfield Services | Real Estate | Retail on December 8, 2014

What do you know about your life insurance policy? Do you remember how long ago you purchased the policy? Do you know what kind of policy it is? Do you know how much it covers—and more importantly, if that amount is adequate? [More]

12 Questions to Get Your Content Marketing Plan Started

Posted in Marketing | Digital | Identity & Branding | Marketing Consulting | Print | Construction | Government | Healthcare | Higher Education | Outsourced Marketing | Manufacturing & Distribution | Not-for-Profit | Professional Services | Real Estate | Retail on November 26, 2012

Content marketing—it’s a newer word, but in reality, organizations have been implementing it for quite some time. Many think that content marketing means creating an eBook or guide—and while content marketing does encompass these two tactics, it’s much more. [More]

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