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To run your day-to-day business, Energy companies face complex and demanding challenges. From the unique demands placed on employees in the field, support staff and back office operations, to the need for information creation, gathering, real time use and visibility for the executive management team, these challenges, can pose real threats in a highly competitive variable environment. And with the increasing reliance on mobile solutions, having secure and comprehensive communications from the field to the back office are more critical than ever.

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With over 35 years of experience in the Energy industry, our veteran consultants have the experience you can trust, and are committed to delivering the needed guidance and support your company needs to assure your solution delivers real business outcomes.

To gain competitive advantage, Energy companies are seeking ways to increase their operational effectiveness and financial processes. We help Energy Companies improve effectiveness and processes by:

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The Sikich Energy Suite

With Sikich’s Energy Suite, you can run your business more efficiently and gain greater insight on a real time basis by delivering lean, industry tailored solutions that are cost effective, flexible, and reliable. Our solution is specifically designed to provide field personnel with the tools they need and provide back office personnel with the information they require to more efficiently and effectively perform their jobs. All within a comprehensive, easy to use solution.


Quotes and Contracts

Enjoy billing accuracy with easy-to-view financial data that identifies and targets customers; making executing quotations to customers easier and reduces invoicing delays.


Improve resource and equipment utilization with equipment and tool lists. Real-time activity updates companies to know where equipment and tools are currently located, by customer, lease, AFE, and well along with future equipment and tool availability.


The availability and locations of personnel are just as important as locating tools and equipment. Track all certifications, tests and licenses required by customer. Gain the ability to track the status of service jobs, job tasks and all personnel activities within a single integrated system.


A comprehensive solution for companies supplying services and equipment to the Energy services industry. Streamline and store Energy servicing, inventory sales, rental and repair data all in one comprehensive solution.


Gain the ability to manage and schedule preventative maintenance, repair, and inspections of internal and customer owned assets. Efficiently record equipment parts used, service technicians, type of repair or maintenance, testing or inspections performed. Schedule future preventative maintenance dates to keep equipment in working order and eliminate downtime for unscheduled repairs.

Dispatch Board

The dispatch board is the centerpiece for management of your field personnel and their service calls. Service tickets can track, monitor, and maintain status of: customer, lease, AFE, well site, and other critical information. If necessary, GPS positioning can be tracked as well.

Financial Performance

Gain visibility of your company’s processes to efficiently identify opportunities and detect issues. Stay informed with readily-available profitability and statistics data at any level or grouping desired, or by tool and piece of equipment.


Energy companies today are still using manual processes to keep track of service tickets and invoices. This has proven to be expensive, error-prone and ineffective to the needs of an expanding company. Instead, utilize electronic document management to organize tickets, eliminate duplicate entries, improve invoicing, automate charges, and, overall, reduce costly errors. Our mobility solution will run on any tablet or smart device.

Financial Management

Get a better handle on the numbers, contain costs, control compliance, and maintain crystal clear visibility into your assets and cash flow. Base decisions on intelligence not emergencies. Get relevant data and recommendations today to take the best course of action tomorrow.

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