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Microsoft Enterprise mobility and Security (EMS)

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In Microsoft 365 and Teams projects, Sikich teams make extensive use of cloud-based, innovative Microsoft tools which are part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) platform. These technologies initially help us enable the productive environment that you want to see in your organization. However, as long as you work with Microsoft solutions, those tools can make technology management easier by saving IT experts time, simplifying the management of devices and apps, ensuring the right level of security, and improving users’ experiences. You should consider them as you think about modernizing your business technology and managing apps and devices for users anywhere.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Streamlined administration of users, apps, and computing devices

For many Sikich clients, Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the best solution for providing users securely with devices and apps, efficiently and non-disruptively through the cloud. Endpoint Manager provides you with a consolidated platform for provisioning and managing users’ computing devices. Through an intuitive cloud interface, you efficiently take care of company-owned and users’ personal laptops, desktops, and mobile devices on-premises and at remote locations.

Integrating with Azure Active Directory, Endpoint Manager relies on zero trust controls to enable a high level of device and data security. Conditional Access App Control supports your intent-based security policies, and you can set up your own mobile app management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) policies to ensure compliant, safe use of apps and devices. Within the Endpoint Manager Console, you can also manage security resources like antivirus, encryption, firewall, and other data protection technologies. Endpoint Manager analytics help you report on these security measures and the overall user experience.

Microsoft Intune: Policy-based management of apps and devices

A component of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite often used by Sikich in client projects, Intune enables cloud-based MAM and MDM. You can efficiently and completely configure Intune to reflect your organization’s policies for device use and propagate them to enrolled devices. In the same way, you can also configure and manage apps, assign them to user groups or devices, and track their usage.

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Case Study


With multiple offices, Summit was looking for a way to integrate them in a meaningful way that would keep collaboration, and security, in mind. With Sikich, they were able to deploy Microsoft Teams and work with a vCIO to keep their implementation running as efficiently as their construction crews. 

Microsoft Windows Autopilot: Enabling user productivity shortly after the first sign-on

An Azure cloud-based utility, Windows Autopilot streamlines the processes of setting up, configuring, resetting, and repurposing computing devices. IT managers don’t need to spend valuable time setting up and loading the software image for each device in their organization. Windows Autopilot relies on an optimized Windows version to ready devices for production. It applies settings and policies, installs apps, and adjusts for the right edition of Windows to be used.

When new devices have been shipped and users sign on to them for the first time, all they need to do is verify their credentials and connect to the company network. The Autopilot process takes over, and they can soon begin working with their apps in a properly configured Windows environment. Sikich can prepopulate the hardware devices for best Autopilot efficiency through a partnership with a leading solutions provider.

“Our monthly meetings are so much more productive now and it’s more interactive. … I can state with confidence, we are a lot more efficient as a company.”

Jason Winkler, President of Summit Construction

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