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Cloud Strategy Development

We have helped thousands of clients reach their goals with technology for over 30 years. Our cloud consulting and support services are designed as much as possible to give you control and follow your own cloud roadmap.

Working with us

Our talented team excels at implementing Microsoft-powered technology solutions, including Azure and Office 365, to help clients solve their most pressing business challenges. We’ve driven impressive results across the country and continue to innovate alongside Microsoft.

As an award winning Microsoft Azure partner, we are here to share expertise, tools, and best practices to help you evolve your cloud environment as the company grows and changes.

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Case Study: Delta Systems

Delta Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of components for the outdoor power equipment industry. Among Delta Systems’ largest customers are some Fortune 500 companies. They knew they needed to move to the cloud to fully embrace both Manufacturing 4.0 and the Internet of Things. They now have a cloud technology solution that will grow along with them as they need it, when they need it.

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Strategic IT Assessment and Planning Services

Your technology is the foundation for your organization. It’s how you run things. It’s how you do things. And it’s a significant part of how you achieve your goals.

Something as important as your technology requires not just exceptional day-to-day support, but exceptional planning for the long-term.

Plan for the Future

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How to Ensure That Your Cloud and Overall IT Planning and Budgeting Meet Company Goals

Even though cloud technology has come a long way, many still fear potential security risks. Let’s allay those fears.

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Recovering from a disaster puts your IT Backup Plan to the test. Is your plan weather-proof?

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“Working with Sikich as a virtual CIO has been a real benefit for us and they understand our business, they understand where we want to go. We gave them a very detailed plan from an ERP standpoint and a technology standpoint. In fact, we’ve got a management team here that’s fully embraced, Manufacturing 4.0 and the Internet of Things. The Sikich team now understands that and they’ve taken that and pretty much run with it. They’re structuring a plan to help us achieve Manufacturing 4.0 in the future.”

– Mike Jeziorski, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Delta Systems

Build Your Business to Withstand the Worst

Disasters (both natural and manmade) can happen at any time. That’s why it’s critical to your organization’s survival to have a total backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Whether an old server goes offline for good or a natural disaster hits, having both disaster recovery, business continuity and the ability to recover files quickly is crucial.

We offer comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning services to ensure your business has a suitable and effective disaster recovery plan in place, specifically tailored to your business needs.

A few of our accomplishments from the decades we’ve served our clients

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