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We show you a better way to reach your goals and take responsibility for delivering it

Our clients are in the best position to speak to our ability to deliver predictable results. They confirm that we meet or exceed their expectations in 94 percent or more of our engagements. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and make our clients’ experience our top priority every day we come to work.

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This publicly traded company was using QuickBooks to manage their finances and was outgrowing their solution. After thinking about their future, they saw they knew their company would require a cloud-based solution that would work within a complex manufacturing organization. Additionally, they needed an ERP system that scaled along with their ambitions.

This resulted in choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their ERP system and Sikich as their implementation, education, and support partner.

Hagler Systems

A manufacturing company takes their business growth to the next level with enterprise grade software. Paperwork was eliminated, and a digital process helped sustain their growth.

Planar Systems

Innovators in the display technology space for decades, Planar needed a system that was as modern. Their optimized system helped them overcome the learning curve of new technology.

Lifetime services boost the value of your ERP solution

When it comes to major upgrades and migrations, truly enabling training, and lifetime support for your software investment, there are lots of choices and decisions to be made. We recommend handling these areas proactively, or the return on your tech investment will by and by deteriorate. To help your business generate more value from NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics solutions, Sikich delivers a range of upgrade, training, and support services.


The right upgrade at the right time brings the power of innovation into your company. No matter which version of Microsoft Dynamics or NetSuite you’re running today, you have multiple options to meet current and future business needs. We help you choose and realize an efficient, affordable, productive upgrade path.


Support is an essential part of maintaining and enhancing any technology solution. Sikich combines industry experience, technical expertise, and a strong focus on delivering an excellent client experience to deliver best-in-class support services to thousands of companies across the U.S. Count on our senior consultants to resolve solution challenges promptly and effectively.

  • Single point of contact

    When you have an issue to resolve, the last thing you want to deal with is voicemail systems and organizational hierarchies. When you work with Sikich, just make a note of one single point of contact for all your support needs, and you’ll always get to somebody who can help. All our support team members have system and configuration documentation at their fingertips. They also have access to all your tickets, so we know your past issues and have the context to provide superior support.

  • Rapid response and fast resolutions

    When you submit an issue, rest assured it’s not sitting in someone’s inbox. Our sophisticated ticketing system with built-in escalations ensures that our team is aware of your problem and is working diligently to resolve it quickly. You’ll hear from us shortly – we won’t leave you hanging.

  • Proactive strategic reviews

    With Sikich support, you can get an objective assessment of the effectiveness of your current systems and infrastructure to understand where you are today and create a roadmap to get you where you want to be. You receive prompt and powerful advice and guidance from Sikich business application consultants who have worked with many hundreds of customers. Many of them are mentors and practice leaders in their respective fields.


Training needs to be enjoyable and designed for productivity improvements in real business roles. We elevate the value of your software investments and lower your cost of doing business with top-quality training programs that help your people perform at their personal best.

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