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Marketing & Design Team

A group of dedicated, creative, strategic and results-driven individuals. 

Michael Stout
Partner, Senior Creative Director

Combine equal parts discipline and creativity and you have a great base recipe for a fearless leader. Mike sees the big picture and blazes our trail like one of his 10-mile fun runs. He also rules the details as Senior Creative Director and team project manager.

Education: BA, Southern Illinois University

Experience: 28 Years

Scott Kolbe
Partner, Creative Director

Imagine you had to travel to random corners of history and attempt to survive for a week. Now imagine you could take one partner with you. You’d want a renaissance man with a Swiss Army knife skill set. You’d want Scott Kolbe, Creative Director.

Education: BA, Southern Illinois University

Experience: 27 Years

Colleen Hughes
Senior Art Director

Colleen never seems to exhaust her gift for strategic design. Her campaign work leaps off pages, posters, monitors, and countless channels she’s brilliantly integrated on behalf of our grateful clients. Plotting family excursions to sandy beaches and outdoor music venues, Colleen is pure Michigan.

Education: BA, Ferris State University

Experience: 16 Years

Daria Corbett
Senior Art Director

Daria’s passion for design spreads across all platforms. From branding to digital, she approaches every project with the same level of enthusiasm and creativity. When not designing, she finds inspiration in roadtrip adventures and exploring nature’s beauty.

Education: BA, Columbia College Chicago

Experience: 15 Years

Matthew Stout
Director of Visual Media

Director of Video Media is an inadequate title for a wizard who can tell stories with a single frame or at 29.97 frames per second. Whether wristing a puck, flicking a Frisbee, or photographing a client, Matt brings the light side out of his subjects.

Education: BA, University of WI, Madison

Experience: 25 Years

Scott Piner
Account Executive

The Magic of Scott Piner™ is in his personality – genuine, trustworthy, and altogether likable. As Account Executive, Scott values his clients’ interests above all. His skill set allows him to excel at communicating with our clients, and communicating with our team on our clients’ behalf.

Education: Master’s, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Experience: 10 Years

Amy Brownfield
Project Manager

Fueled by boundless passion for spreadsheets and checklists, Amy Brownfield’s mission is to ensure that our projects finish on time and on budget. This natural-born task master catches every detail and applies a common sense approach to client problem solving.

Education: BA, Western Kentucky University

Experience: 7 Years

Amber Tripp

Amber’s creativity spans across a variety of media and shines in her web work. With an eye for intimate details, she brings all aspects of a project to life – from page animations and mobile effects to typography and beyond – each element personalized and unique. Outside the office, she finds inspiration in music, and can be sighted lighting up the Chicago music scene as the lead singer of a popular rock band.

Education: BA, University Of St. Francis

Experience: 13 Years

Nicole A. Van Peursem
Senior Marketing Advisor

Nicole’s unique perspective on marketing comes from the inside out. With prior internal marketing experience in a variety of industries, she works to acquire new external clients and implement proven marketing strategies.

Education: BA, University of Wisconsin

Experience: 14 Years

Pete Zimmermann
Digital Marketing Specialist

Pete specializes in maximizing the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to a website as well as paid traffic through adwords. He analyzes, reviews and implements ever-evolving changes to existing and new websites.

Education: BA, North Central College

Experience: 6 Years

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