Lessons From Leadership

Lessons from leadership

Chris Geier, Sikich CEO & Managing Partner

From attitude to the future of professional services, Chris Geier shares his thoughts and ideas on pressing topics and discusses his experiences and lessons learned as a leader.

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Items sitting on a desk in an office after work
Reading Time: 4 minutes
The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in changes in work practices that have given employees unprecedented levels of flexibility – flexibility that I suspect employees…
people walking in the street, blurry
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Diversity and inclusion have always been a part of our organization’s fabric and a key element of our growth and evolution. At the start…
abstract image of economy rates in bar graph and economist shadow in background
Reading Time: 5 minutes
I’ve always been a proud free-market guy. As an entrepreneur and CEO, I usually cheer efforts to reduce government intervention in the economy. But…
Comfortable workplace with computer near wooden wall in stylish room interior. Home office design
Reading Time: 5 minutes
The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant hardship and has forced us to look at much of life through a new lens. But it’s not…
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Throughout my career, I’ve faced challenges, failures and difficult decisions—these experiences became the foundation and building blocks that led me to where I am…
mountaintop view climbing to the top of the mountain
Reading Time: 4 minutes
I’ve thought a lot about resilience recently – how it’s helped individuals overcome some of the worst hardships imaginable; how, in less dramatic ways,…
Reading Time: 3 minutes
As we embark on another week amidst a pandemic that continues to unfold before our eyes, several thoughts have been at the forefront of…
diverse people connecting all over the world using modern technology
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Recently I wrote about digital disruption in public accounting. Then I followed up with how digitization in industry is affecting what clients need and…
Digital disruption, future technology concept.
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Technology is shaking up every sector of industry. From one end of the value chain to the other, business leaders are rethinking not just…
Businessman using tablet analyzing sales data and economic growth graph chart, Technology and icon customer global network connection. Business strategy. Innovative. Digital marketing.
Reading Time: 3 minutes
How Technology is Changing the World of Accounting Firms In October of last year, Sears filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. From the perspective…
Green fire escape sign hang on the ceiling in the office
Reading Time: 2 minutes
View the Related Workplace Safety Infographic Below As a former law enforcement officer, I’m deeply passionate about workforce safety. I believe strongly that the…
Cartoon man jumping off a hand and onto a building
Reading Time: 2 minutes
A training mindset can turn change to your advantage When I was a boy, I wanted to jump like a cat. So, I went…
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