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One of the largest aspects and contributions that Sikich has to offer from a technology standpoint is the ability and expertise of our support consultants. Our clients lean on our experienced technical resources to help resolve many issues with their system. Whether the consultant specializes in development, functionality, training, and anything in between, we will always have our client’s best interest at the forefront. Many of our customers have to think about the process of submitting a help ticket to our support team and then think about how long it will take someone to reach out or how much it is going to cost. Quite frankly, there are more important things that should be on their mind (like running a business!), and these thoughts should not be among them. This is why we have developed a Managed Services Plan specifically designed to help our clients achieve success with the Dynamics 365 Business Central Platform.

The Managed Services Plans we have available were put into place to suit your specific needs as your business changes and evolves. Our goal is to make sure the end user is left with the knowledge to do their best work in the Microsoft Dynamics environment, whether it is Navision or Business Central. Most of our clients are familiar with The Sikich Support Desk.

For those who are not, here are some of the great features:

  • equipped with a centralized dispatcher to monitor incoming requests
  • built in escalation to help rate the urgency of your issue from Low to Critical
  • dedicated and experienced support team
  • customer satisfaction measurements to let us know how we are doing
  • historical access to all previous support tickets
  • access to system and configuration documentation for support desk resources within your company

Sikich offers three support plan packages to choose from that suit your specific needs: Base, Base +, and Premium. Here are some highlights on each plan.

Support incidents: UNLIMITED for Premium & Base +

10 included for Base

Included Time/Material Hours: 100 for Premium.  50 for Base +

Client will be billed T&M for all support in Base package.

*If client exceeds hours included in Premium or Base + plan client will be billed on T&M basis. Additional hours can be purchased at a reduced hourly rate

Response Time: 2 Hour response time for Base, Base +, and Premium

Authorized Caller Count:

Base – 1

Base + – 2

Premium – 4

These are just some of the services provided in each Managed Services Plan. If there are any customization requirements based on a clients’ specific needs we can simply tailor a plan in an a la carte fashion. Please contact your Sikich Representative today to learn more about our Support Plans!

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