Is a Cloud ERP Solution for Dynamics GP a Good Idea?

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With technology being more flexible to a modern workforce, it’s absolutely possible to move critical applications to the Cloud with seamless integration. Traditionally, ERP systems were something that were only accessible through the company network and promise of the Cloud has lifted that barrier.

Dynamics GP is an example of a system that can take advantage of Cloud technologies to extend your ERP solution no matter where you are. According to some research done by CIO Magazine, 72% of businesses list moving key applications to the cloud as a motivator to make the switch. That’s more than a slight majority, which is telling of the potential for businesses moving to the Cloud.

But is it a good idea? Read on for some of the points you want to consider moving to a Cloud-based instance of GP.

Server Purchases Become a Thing of the Past

A loose rule of thumb is when you upgrade your Dynamics GP version, you’ll need a new server to run it on. With a Cloud solution, those capital expenditures won’t need to happen anymore – which can be a significant savings. The trade-off is that your ERP partner will collect a monthly fee per user for access. Because of Cloud ERP technology, that cost can be more affordable than getting hardware that quickly ages, only to be replaced.

Security is Still Critical

Ask your partner about any and all security measures they take to protect their data centers. 24/7 monitoring that catches problems before they blow up and frequent updating and patching will keep your data secure and safe.

Partner Experience for Cloud ERP Solutions Matters

Not all ERP partners are equipped to handle Cloud ERP-based solutions. Ask your partner what kinds of experience they have hosting and getting referrals is a wise move on your part.


How important is accessibility to your company? If being able to access your data anytime, anywhere is something you need, then moving to the Cloud is a good choice. If you aren’t sure, your ERP partner will be able to determine if this even makes sense for your company.

Local Support

Problems happen on-site. Will you be able to get the support or training needed to solve the problems your company faces?

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