Maneuvering the Major Milestones


plan for the next phase of your growth journey

While exciting and rewarding, the journey from discovery to commercialization is wrought with challenges.

Get the information you need to successfully tackle major industry milestones, on your journey from discovery, to development and delivery. Gain expert advice about going public, regulatory, quality and compliance strategies, clinical trial management, and useful tools and technologies that can help you along the way.

Whether you’re just getting started, evaluating an equity event, or undergoing clinical trials, get the intelligence you need to plan ahead for the next phase of your growth journey.

tackle major industry milestones, on your journey from discovery, to development and delivery.

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Join the Discussion and Get Answers

Join like-minded peers and access industry experts who have tackled major industry milestones, including equity events, Phase I, II and III clinical trials, and regulatory approval on their way to commercialization.


Get advice from finance and industry experts who have been part of several initial public offerings (IPO) on how to prepare your organization to go public. We’ll talk through the fundamental differences between private and public companies, SPAC considerations, SEC requirements, and review steps for fulfilling staffing, board and reporting technology needs ahead of your IPO. If you’re considering an equity event or if you’ve recently undergone one, you won’t want to miss this session.

No matter their size, life sciences organizations face the same burdens of keeping costs in check, fragmented value chains and mounting regulatory compliance expectations. Sikich industry experts tackle the top compliance and regulatory challenges facing life science companies from discovery through delivery. We’ll discuss, SOX, Quality and Compliance, Computerized Systems Compliance, Qualification and Validation, and more. Learn how modernizing your approach to compliance can deliver measurable efficiencies, mitigate risk and enable better business partnerships.

Thought leaders and industry experts will weigh in on how to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery from both angles: biotech vendor study management, and CRO clinical trial management. From selecting the right strategic partner, establishing a strong communication channel, to effective oversight, our experts will share effective tools and techniques to maximize successful outcomes from your strategic partnerships.

Life Science solution experts will provide a demo of Sikich’s Industry specific solution, SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences, built on NetSuite. Deployed by over 100 companies across the US, SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences enables efficiency, transparency and functionality as your organization matures and requires new capabilities, promising a solution that will grow with you from start-up to commercialization.

Should You Attend?

If you are a senior-level decision maker or influencer of a pharmaceutical or biotech company in the discovery or development phase of your business lifecycle, this half-day virtual conference is designed for you.

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Learn From Industry Experts

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Jim Ingram

Account Executive

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Christopher Manchester

Account Executive

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William Tamulynas

Managing Consultant

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Trevor Flaxman

Pre-Sales Architect

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Ryan Pesaturo

Senior Consultant

Schedule Conflict?

No worries. Every session of our virtual event will be available on‑demand for 30 days. Register today for your all-access pass!