Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)


An efficient, customized process that focuses on delivering an enhanced project outcome by using a collaborative process and multidisciplinary coordination.


IPD is a unified system for managing the project delivery process. Its structure is designed to drive efficiencies and accountability across the entire project resulting in significantly less waste and issues.

Efficiency and multidisciplinary coordination are the backbone of IPD. Further advance your project’s success with the help of an independent third-party, such as auditors from a CPA firm. Our work helps build the trust between all parties of the IPD contract.

From reviews and compilations to single audits and agreed upon procedures, Sikich can help your organization meet your financial reporting needs.

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Manage state and local tax challenges by working with a tax professional who monitors laws and regulations that affect you.

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Highlight your strengths and boost consumer confidence with Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports from Sikich.

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Maintain compliance with the United States Department of Education, Student Financial Aid, and other governmental regulatory requirements with our Title IV audit expertise.

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Capture increased cost savings and efficiencies. IPD differs from traditional models by design through its collaborative process and multidisciplinary coordination. This helps eliminate waste, cut costs, improve productivity and creative positive outcomes. More specifically, these differences include:

  • Coordinated planning
  • Delay management
  • Financial accountability
  • Focus on cost savings

Sikich’s role in the IPD process is to:

  • Serve as an independent third party
  • Make sure all parties are adhering to certain contract provisions
  • Provide each party the assurance that all parties are on a level playing field
  • Labor rate verification
  • Overhead rate verification
  • Profit rate verification
  • Review of monthly invoices


Get the foresight to minimize future delays by identifying potential challenges with the IPD process. Through an efficient, customized IPD process, stakeholders can keep everyone on the same page and focused on delivering an enhanced project outcome. More specifically, our procedures look something like this:

  • Develop a plan before the project begins
  • Review/determine hourly labor rates
  • Review/determine overhead and profit rates
  • Assess and validate monthly pay applications
  • Assess profit and Incentive Compensation Layer (ICL) payouts

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