IT Support for Parks and Recreation

Through the years parks and recreation facilities have evolved dramatically and so has the technology which they have come to depend on. With multiple locations operating on disparate system and applications, the need for highly qualified technology partners has become greater than ever.

In addition to maintaining facilities and keeping IT infrastructures up and running at all times, park directors now must worry about supporting technology programs that add greater value to their communities.  With this expansion of services comes greater responsibility. Directors must now deal with cyber threats from both sides of the firewall and inexperienced users with support issues.

Tech360, a technology management program developed for Parks and Recreation programs, streamlines technology management and gives you the support you need to more effectively service your community.

Our approach to technology management for parks and recreation helps you:

  • Expand your community services reach
  • Keep members information safe from cyber attacks
  • Deliver unparalleled support to your employees and your community
  • Securely store, share and transfer confidential information
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of a catastrophic event
  • Gain Fortune 500 class technology insight and guidance
  • Eliminate time wasting IT hassles

As park directors discover just how valuable technology can be to their success, they also are discovering that it can be a liability if it's not configured and managed correctly.
At Sikich, we specialize in improving the performance of your best resources: your people and your technology.

Find out how our Tech360 program can transform your cardholder experience.

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