IT Support for Manufacturers

Never before has technology had a more critical role in manufacturing. And, never before has the challenge of maintaining a state of the art technology environment been more important. From accounting programs to design applications to inventory and logistics solutions your business depends on properly performing IT systems.

Every dollar and every hour spent on IT issues, implementing new applications or eliminating security threats, detracts from the important work that drives your organization forward.

With Sikich Tech360, you now have a partner that understands your resource constraints, operational practices, and the applications which you depend on. Every day more and more manufacturers count on Sikich to properly and cost effectively manage their complex IT infrastructures and their multitude of IT support needs.

Our approach to technology management for manufacturers helps you:

  • Keep your MRP/ERP systems running at maximum efficiency
  • Get the most out of your lean manufacturing projects and processes
  • Alert you of any production line issues
  • Reduce expenses like overtime and re-work
  • Track global and highly complex supply chains
  • Increase employee productivity and communication while controlling costs
  • Eliminate IT hassles

Technology is a valuable tool for manufacturers, but it can also be a liability if it's not configured and managed correctly. Tech360, a technology management program developed for manufacturers, streamlines technology management and gives you the support you need to more effectively manage your manufacturing processes and procedures.

Find out how our Tech360 program can improve your business.

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