IT Support for Libraries

While many worry that the digital age will bring an end to libraries as we know them, libraries which embrace change age are becoming technology centers and community focal points where cardholders can learn new skills, train for new jobs, and apply for government assistance.

These advancements allow libraries to offer more services to their community as well as allow them to expand their reach by offering online courses allowing cardholders to learn from home.

As libraries discover just how valuable technology can be to their success, they also are discovering that it can be a liability if it's not configured and managed correctly. Risk management, security,  systems standardization and keeping cardholders safe from outside threats are just a few of the issues libraries need to take into account when implementing and utilizing IT systems and applications.

Tech360, a technology management program developed for libraries, streamlines technology management and gives you the support you need to more effectively service your community.

Our approach to technology management for libraries helps you:

  • Securely store, share and transfer confidential information
  • Provide more learning services to more people
  • Keep cardholders information safe from cyber attacks
  • Expand your reach beyond your physical location
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of a catastrophic event
  • Gain Fortune 500 class technology insight and guidance
  • Eliminate IT hassles for good

At Sikich, we specialize in improving the performance of your best resources: your people and your technology.

Because we appreciate the uniqueness of each client, we take a customized approach to business support. Our meticulously-crafted Tech360 program reflects a thorough understanding of the technology management issues you face every day and an individualized manner of resolving them.

Find out how our Tech360 program can transform your cardholder experience.

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