IT Support for Healthcare Providers

If your practice somehow managed to get by without paying too much attention to HIPAA compliance in the past, you may want to begin reviewing your current processes, procedures and IT infrastructure for potential compliance violations. Privacy and data security breaches are being taken a lot more seriously, and if you’re not careful, you could be next on the radar for hefty fines and penalties.

With Sikich Tech360, you now have a partner that understands your resource constraints, operational practices, the applications which you depend on, and the myriad of regulations which you face. Every day more and more healthcare providers count on Sikich to properly and cost effectively manage their complex IT infrastructures and their multitude of IT support needs while helping them maintain regulatory compliance.

Our unique approach to healthcare technology management allows you to:

  •  Gain secure access to critical patient information
  •  Improve performance and security of EHR platforms
  •  Decrease exposure to HIPAA noncompliance penalties
  •  Eliminate audit and compliance anxiety
  •  Reduce capital expenditures and get a fixed IT support budget
  •  Eliminate time wasting IT hassles

When it comes to technology, the primary concerns are data security and systems efficiency. Government regulations and industry standards must be adhered to while confidential and private patient information must be available and secure at all times in order to properly treat and serve your patients.

Because we appreciate the uniqueness of each practice, we take a customized approach to business support. Our meticulously-crafted Tech360 program reflects a thorough understanding of the technology management issues you face every day and an individualized manner of resolving them.

Find out how our Tech360 program can improve your healthcare practice.

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