Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster can strike anytime. Whether it’s a simple power outage or a natural disaster, build your business to withstand the worst. Gartner Group reports three out of five companies that experience a catastrophe or prolonged system outage go out of business within two years. Be sure your business has what it needs to survive.  

Backup Solutions
A robust backup solution focused on recoverability is the first step to securing your viability for your business. Tape backups are proven to be unreliable, and there are now many options for backup protection, with a wide spectrum of features and price points. Experience unparalleled availability with fully hosted solutions, control costs with streamlined local backups or have recovery at your fingertips with innovative on-premise devices. Whatever your needs or budget, select a backup solution keeping disaster recovery in mind.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Your information technology (IT) infrastructure is directly linked to your company’s profitability. Take the steps to protect it by having a formal, documented disaster recovery plan. Even for a small business, a formal disaster recovery plan will help identify holes in your network design and what you need to have access to survive and thrive after a disaster. Feel confident in a disaster recovery plan that addresses what you need today, tomorrow and beyond.

Business Continuity
A sound disaster recovery plan ensures you will rebound from a small or large catastrophe. But some businesses need more than that. What do you need to survive during and right after a disaster? Business continuity builds on disaster recovery and focuses on the availability of data and key applications during a disaster. Explore your viability needs with the experts at Sikich.
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