Network Security Solutions

In 2012 Kaspersky Lab’s products blocked more than 1.5 billion web-based attacks throughout the year, which is 1.7 times greater than the total amount of web-based attacks in 2011. The numbers have only continued to climb in the years since. Any business, organization or government entity that has even just a computer, server and a Wi-Fi network is open to incredible risks in today's world.

IT Managed SecuritySpam, virus alerts and unnerving phishing attempts hit us every day—so it’s not a surprise that your technology must be protected. But IT protection doesn’t come in one-size-fits-all. A business IT network demands a layered, in-depth approach to network security.

Security for IT must be both layered and customized to your specific organization's operations. Every modern organization needs at the very least basic network security and endpoint protection combined with monitoring and management. Beyond that, disaster recovery planning is a core part of ensuring business continuity should an incident occur. And for some organizations, advanced security services are essential to protecting critical data and information. Feel safe and cared for with a robust security solution that’s yours for a flat monthly fee.

Endpoint Protection
Guard your PCs, mobile devices and other endpoints with spam protection, anti-virus, anti-malware and any other tool necessary to keep you safe.

When your business can’t take any chances, utilize a robust and innovative email encryption tool to ensure absolute security of your emails.

Perimeter Defense
Keep dangers far away by tightly securing your perimeters using a managed next-gen firewall with comprehensive gateway security.

Monitoring and Reporting
When you need to know your network is secure, rely on regular, detailed reports demonstrating potential threats detected and other useful information.

IT Security is in some ways a living part of your organization. You cannot set it and forget it. Protect your organization, your employees and your data from danger.

IT Network Security
Protecting your network isn't optional; fend off dangers and ensure the safety of your organization's IT.
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Even a small "oops" could mean a disaster for your company. Improve your organization's viability by planning for the worst.

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