Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Sikich helps you build your business to withstand the worst

Disasters (both natural and manmade) can happen at any time. That's why it's critical to your organization's survival to have a total backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Whether an old server goes offline for good or a natural disaster hits, having both disaster recovery, business continuity and the ability to recover files quickly is crucial.

Does Your Business have What it Needs to Survive?

Sikich offers comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning services to ensure your business has a suitable and effective disaster recovery plan in place, specifically tailored to your business needs.

Our Experts Help You:

  • Select the right backup solution
  • Document your disaster recovery plan
  • And put a business continuity plan in place

Select the Right Back-up Solution

We'll help remove the frustration of navigating the various solutions on the market to help you choose the right solution for your business and company objectives, for your peace of mind.

Businesses Need More Than "Backup"

Download today for guidance, a comparison of different data protection methods, and more.

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Which Backup Solution is Right for You?

GigaOM Research Analyst Ashar Baig tackles your questions and the key factors shaping the business continuity and disaster recovery industry.

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Document Your Disaster Recovery Plan

We'll help you identify holes in your network design and document what you need to have access to survive and thrive after a disaster. You'll feel confident in a disaster recovery plan that addresses what you need today, tomorrow and beyond.

What’s your organizations resiliency level?

Prepare by understanding your organization's disaster recovery maturity score and how it relates to your business's recovery efforts.

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Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

Download this guide to help you leverage best practices and learn the pitfalls to avoid when putting your DR strategy in place.

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Put a Business Continuity Plan in Place

Do you know what your business needs to survive during and after a disaster? Our Business Continuity services build on disaster recovery and focuses on the availability of data and key applications during a disaster. Our experts will explore your viability needs to ensure your business survives during and in the aftermath of a disaster.

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