Communication & Collaboration

Today’s professionals need more than a phone. They need a communication system that fosters collaboration and innovation. What features could help your business communicate more effectively?

  • Integrated telephony systems
  • Corporate video and instant-messaging tools
  • Presence information
  • User-friendly SharePoint applications to share information

How you communicate drives everything in your business—between employees and with clients. Using world-class solutions like ShoreTel communications systems and SharePoint, you can embrace connectivity and collaboration and enjoy a new level of access for your business. Build off of what you have today or start fresh with the newest features and possibilities.

Phone systems today are much more than a handset and keypad. Your company’s phone system, integrated with its technology network, is the heart of how you connect with clients, coworkers and the world.

Identify a phone system that fits your business needs and goals. Business phone systems can come with a wide range of features and possibilities, at every price point imaginable. What does your business need the most? What can it live without?

Beyond a straightforward phone system, unified communications solutions combine many arms of corporate communication instant messaging, presence information and telephony. Embrace connectivity and enjoy a new level of access to your business when you trust Sikich to evaluate the type of system best for your company.

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