Colocation Services

Chicago ColocationIf you own your hardware but want to leverage the security and stability of a hosted environment, colocation services might be a solution for your business. Keep your critical servers safely in a data center operated by Sikich's certified engineers—but have the option to manage your servers yourself or employ our experts to keep everything running smoothly.

Our Data Center, Your Control

Colocation hosting is the provisioning of space for IT infrastructure and equipment in a hosting provider's data center. Utilizing colocation services means you leverage the capabilities of a professional data center, while still maintaining varying level of controls as compared to managed hosting solutions. Typically, a professional cloud hosting solution company can provide higher or superior:

  • Physical hardware
  • Bandwidth
  • Power
  • Security
  • Controlled environment (cooling, fire suppression, etc.)
  • Maintenance, management and monitoring
  • Redundancy
  • Implementation and deployment capabilities

Colocation services range from the more traditional colocation model where you simply use the space in the data center but are ultimately responsible for all management, to managed colocation services. Managed colocation services is a middle ground between a hands-off managed hosting solution and a traditional colocation service where you have significant responsibility in managing your servers.

Choose a colocation provider that fits your needs perfectly. Meet your goals and leverage your internal capabilities with Sikich's flexible, personal and expert hosting and colocation services. Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour of our Chicago area data center.

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