Cloud Backup Services

Protecting your data with sound, secure backups is the foundation of disaster recovery and business continuity. Unfortunately, traditional means of backing up data are known for being unreliable and prone to flakiness.Your data is critical to the viability of your organization. If a disaster or even just a small "whoops" moment occurs, know that your important financial, client and other data will be there when you need it most.

Cloud backups have become increasingly popular in recent years. As cloud backup services have become more affordable and proven to be secure options, a growing number of organizations are integrating the cloud into their strategic technology plans. Sikich cloud backups are:

  • Automated, monitored and not dependent on an employee rotating tapes
  • Encrypted before transmission to secure offsite datacenter
  • Flexible and offer options for retention length and number of daily incremental backups
  • Priced per server or per GB, depending on plan

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