Business Intelligence using Microsoft BI Tools

Business Intelligence Using Microsoft BI Tools

Microsoft is a leader in the BI space with its robust business intelligence toolset. Sikich’s BI consulting team specializes in leveraging the Microsoft BI stack to create innovative solutions that deliver actionable business intelligence for empowered decision-making. Using Microsoft tools to deliver BI is extremely attractive to many organizations because these businesses already own many or all of the components necessary to deploy an advanced BI solution. The Microsoft BI stack is composed of the following (ever-expanding) group of tools: 

Building a Dynamic BI Solution

Used individually, each of these tools has some power - but together they can deliver truly exceptional access to information. Combining these tools effectively requires knowledge and experience in best practices in the Microsoft BI. Sikich’s business intelligence consultants are experts at building dashboards, analytics and other BI solutions that can be shared across your organization to enable corporate performance management and improvement.

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