2016 Manufacturing Report

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In November 2015, Sikich conducted an annual survey to learn more about issues facing the manufacturing and distribution industry. The survey was designed to uncover top concerns and predictions, while providing industry leaders insight on critical issues such as an outlook on the U.S. and world economy, overall performance and market challenges. The survey results uncovered three key findings that will prove to play a major role in the industry:

  • Manufacturers remain vulnerable to cyber security,
  • Manufacturers look to leverage technology in order to ensure future growth and
  • Investments in research and development is critical to stay competitive

Download the full report to read why we believe these key findings will prove to be obstacles the manufacturing industry must overcome to remain competitive.

Is your manufacturing company ready for technology disruption? Download the report now.

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Partner-in-Charge, Manufacturing and Distribution

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Steve Connors

Managing Consultant, Technology,
Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution
Manufacturing and Development

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Brad Lutgen

Partner, Security and Compliance

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Partner, Technology Services

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