Red Flags of Municipal Fraud

It’s unfortunate, but municipal fraud schemes are common. This type of employee dishonesty can result in massive financial losses, especially at a time when governments are burdened with fiscal shortfalls. And while employee dishonesty will never completely go away, it is a manageable problem.

Reduce employee dishonesty by first understanding the issue and second, creating a program and culture that minimizes the opportunity for fraudulent behavior. A strong awareness and prevention program can go a long way. Limit the fraud schemes in your organization by watching our on-demand webinar, Red Flags of Municipal Fraud: Preventing Employee Dishonesty.

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • What municipal fraud schemes are common
  • Ways to prevent opportunities for theft
  • Best practices for handling an incident, including evidence gathering and security
  • Why using forensic professionals is a good idea

View the video now.

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