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In the June 2017 issue of our newsletter; please see articles with discussions on:

  • Time to Reset Expectations? – We are now in the eighth year of an equity bull market, making this the second-longest upswing in American history. This is by no means a signal to exit the market and go to cash. However from the current starting point, it is difficult to envision a balanced portfolio achieving high single digit returns over the next five to 10 years. Learn more about the expectations of the future market landscape in our June Newsletter.
  • Recruit, Retain, Retire – Reframing Financial Wellness – So much of the financial wellness conversation to date has focused on the potential health care cost mitigation of adopting organizations. A more effective angle, however, may come in the form of the company’s increased ability to recruit, retain, and allow a happier workforce to retire on time. Find out more in this month’s newsletter.
  • Should a Retirement Plan Implement a Fee Policy Statement? For the client who may be concerned about fiduciary compliance, a fee policy statement may give comfort. Like all other fiduciary actions, the value of this statement is a function of how well it is written (not too loose nor too tight) and how consistently a plan sponsor actually describes/practices the process documented. So, a fee policy statement can potentially create problems in addition to mitigating them. Learn more about this topic in the June newsletter.
  • Company Stock and Fiduciary Considerations? – In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in litigation involving retirement plans that have invested in the stock of their sponsoring company. The only definitive way for plan fiduciaries to avoid liability with respect to plan investments in employer stock is to avoid such investments altogether. Nevertheless, many employers, believing that employer stock is beneficial to their plans, continue to maintain it as an investment. Find out more about these considerations in this month’s newsletter.

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