MRC Polymers

Founded in 1980 on the southwest side of Chicago, MRC Polymers began with a vision of environmental stewardship—keeping plastics out of the landfills by turning them into high-end durable products. Since the company’s inception, it has recycled more than 300 million pounds of plastic, and today, the company is recycling more than 50 million pounds annually. MRC Polymers specializes in closed-loop recycling, meaning the company takes customers’ scrap plastics, such as old vehicle bumpers and water bottles, and preps the plastic so it can be molded back into those same products. To ensure quality control at each stage of the process, the company performs a check when the product arrives, as well as in-process and final testing.

Since 2006, MRC Polymers has partnered with Sikich for its human resources, tax and auditing needs. When the company received a grant from the Department of Energy, it was able to take full tax advantage of that grant with the help of Sikich, as well as grow its business and develop a healthy relationship with the right bank. Whether MRC Polymers has a small question or a large project, the company achieves its short- and long-term goals with Sikich’s expertise.

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