Illinois Chamber of Commerce

With a presence in both Chicago and Springfield, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce is favorably positioned to promote the interests of Illinois businesses by working with and educating state policy-makers. An advocacy organization that offers a series of programs, the Chamber focuses on legislative issues that align with the businesses it supports by holding events and speaking up for companies that prefer to have an organization like the Chamber behind them.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce has worked with Sikich for 10 years, and initially selected Sikich as its audit firm. After working closely with Sikich, the Chamber analyzed its staffing situation, and realized that it had a number of individuals who were performing accounting functions. That led the Chamber of outsource all of its accounting and financial operations to Sikich. Then, when Sikich began offering technology services, the Chamber decided to outsource all of its information technology processes. And since Sikich is statewide, the Chamber finds continuity and top-quality work at both its Chicago and Springfield offices.

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