Earth Friendly Products


Founded in 1967, Earth Friendly Products manufactures more than 150 all-natural household and commercial cleaning products that are made from pure plant-based ingredients. With more than 300 employees and five manufacturing facilities across the country, Earth Friendly Products creates green products in a sustainable fashion by reducing its carbon footprint and lowering costs. For example, the company’s corporate headquarters is home to the largest commercial solar array in Illinois. 

Since Earth Friendly Products’ partnership with Sikich began, the green company has experienced many new ways to save money through its taxes. Whether for domestic production or research and development, Sikich provided support and value to Earth Friendly Products’ business by catching missing tax credits and going back several years to ensure the returns were amended. Through these savings, as well as the company’s long-term vision, Earth Friendly Products has grown by 20 percent annually for the past few years.

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