Aquascape, Inc.

Founded in 1991, Aquascape is the leader in water gardens, water gardening, ecosystem ponds and backyard pond designs. With a patented water filtration system—which is manufactured and supplied to other landscape contractors in the United States and Canada—and a high growth rate, Aquascape has been named four times to Inc. magazine’s list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies. The company is not only a leader in designing water features, but also the construction and installation of these features.

Although the company wasn’t necessarily looking forward to changing its brand, Aquascape believed it was essential in order to identify with its changing and growing audience. Aquascape needed a partner that would lead the path and prove to be a valuable resource, which is what the company found in Sikich’s marketing and graphic design services team. From packaging and catalogs to websites and brochures, Sikich designed all external communications that would ultimately reach Aquascape’s customer base—and within the company’s exact timeframes.

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